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PC Projects Ltd.
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Our Address

14069 Blackburn Ave.

White Rock, BC

Canada V4B 2Z6

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Phone: 604-542-6237

Fax:      604-542-6238


Thank you for contacting PC Projects Ltd. We will get back to you soon.

PC Projects Ltd. - your trusted White Rock / South Surrey Contractor

Services include: Excavating, Custom Concrete, Renovations, Site Preparation, Hardscape/Landscape and Project Management

Our Team
Paul Casano
Paul Casano | Phone: 604-542-6237

Cheryl Casano
Cheryl Casano | Phone: 604-542-6237

Building is in Paul's blood! Established in 1970, PC Projects, formerly PC Cement, has always been a family owned and operated business. Second generation President and Owner, Paul Casano has been in the concrete and construction industry for over thirty years utilizing the skills and knowledge passed down through generations.


Paul and his team are known for their excellent work ethic and professionalism. 


Friendly, efficient, with an eye for detail, Cheryl Casano keeps the PC Project team going. A true champion for customer-service and the customer experience, Cheryl works tirelessly behind the scenes to support all aspects of PC Projects Ltd.


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